Policies & Procedures

From a small business to you, our valued guest:


The pandemic has turned our world upside down and affected each of us in different ways. As you have seen, small businesses are one of the hardest hit groups.


We will be honest: there were days we did not think BSIDE could see the other side of this pandemic. Thanks to your support and encouragement and the determination of all our team members to overcome the toughest few months our society has ever seen in recent history, we are here.


Things will look a bit different and the usual routines might have changed. We do ask for your patience, understanding, and kindness as we bring the “normal” back into our every day.


Safety before beauty. 

This is what we are doing to keep each visit a worry-free and relaxing beauty moment.

You will notice we have made several changes to keep serving you at the highest standards.

Sanitation & Disinfecting

We thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and seating with disinfectants showing evidence of effectiveness against COVID-19 as approved and listed by Health Canada before we begin your service. This will be done for every single service.


Our team will sanitize and sterilize all tools above and beyond government regulations. We will safely dispose of items that cannot be disinfected.


Personal Protective Equipment

Our team of technicians will be wearing PPE including gloves, masks and face shields when performing services (from now until further notice.)


Hand Washing

Our technicians will wash and sanitize their hands before and after every single appointment.

Pre-booked appointments only

From now until further notice, we are accepting pre-booked appointments only. No walk-ins allowed.


2 metres apart

At all times, all persons without a mask or personal protective equipment (PPE) at the salon are to maintain a 2-metre (6 feet) distance from one another.


Social distancing

We have installed plexiglass dividers at the front desk and between pedicure stations.


Manicure stations have a spacious gap (an empty seat) between guests to ensure physical distancing.

Salon Capacity

The number of people in the salon will be limited to enforce physical distancing. This means only the person listed and confirmed for the appointment will be allowed entry. No visitors or third parties allowed, please. We understand you might have a unique situation. If this is the case, please consult with us prior to your appointment and we will be happy to discuss a solution with you.


Temperature Checks

A temperature check is required for all team members at the start of every shift. We require all staff to stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days if they are symptomatic.


Full Body Appointments

We ask that our clients please book all services in one visit rather than individual appointments throughout the week.

Cancellation policy

24 hour notice from appointment start time = no cancellation fee

Less than 24 hours notice from appointment start time = 50% of services

Less than 2 hours notice from appointment start time = 100% of services

Preparing for your appointment

As a precaution, this is what we are asking from our guests

Feeling unwell

Reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell or you have been in contact with a person who has a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19 or displayed symptoms.


Physical distancing

Maintain physical distancing in the salon.



Contactless payments are encouraged.


Please wear a mask when you’re in the salon (don’t worry if you forget yours – we’ll have extra for you.)


On arrival

Please wait outside if you are early for your appointment.


Hand Sanitation

Sanitize your hands upon entry and before you begin your service.

No visitors

To minimize risk of exposure, please do not bring kids, friends, pets, or family to your appointment even if you live in the same household. If you have a special circumstance, please reach out to us prior to your appointment and we will discuss a solution.


Food & Beverages

No outside food or beverages allowed. We strongly recommend you leave your bags at home or your car. If you must bring them, please reach out to us prior to your appointment and we will discuss a solution.

A fee of $1.50 will be included to each appointment to cover the cost of extra PPE, sanitation supplies and cleaning staff until further notice.

We have temporarily suspended all promotions, including Babies at BSIDE and redemption of free services with our loyalty program.



A happy, positive mindset and a healthy heart are important on the road to pandemic recovery.


We know (and share in) how you are feeling. The past three months have taken a heavy toll on all of us.


We cannot predict the future, but we are certain of one thing: we will all get through this. Why not create and savour some good memories out of all this? We invite you to share any funny, positive, or even strange stories you have had due to COVID-19. What exciting things are awaiting you?